Top 20 NuGet bindable Packages

Cross-platform .NET library for computations whose arguments and results are objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection) interfaces. The computations includes ones similar to standart LINQ, the computation of arbitrary expression and additional f...
Upate control to Profile259
OLinq is a project to provide a Linq Queryable provider implementation for operating on ObservableCollections or other INotifyCollectionChanged supporting lists. The output of OLinq is an ObservableView which notifies when the results of the query have changed.
Bindable Picker with ItemsSource, DisplayMemberBinding and SelectedItem as bindable properties
EnumBindablePicker for Xamarin
BindableRadioButton for Xamarin Forms (Base class - You need an implementation for each platform) More details and support on
Implementation of PSC.Xam.Controls.BindableRadioButton for Android
BindableRadioButton for Xamarin Forms (Base class) - For support or requests, visit our forum
Implementation for Android of PSC.Xam.Controls.BindableCheckboxList
Bindable CheckboxList for Xamarin Forms (Base class) - For more info or support, visit our forum
Computations over INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyColectionChanged (ObservableCollection) objects. Results of the computations are INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection) objects. The computations includes ones similar to LINQ and the computation of arbitrary ex...
Bindable Picker for Xamarin.Forms to ease programming MVVM paradigm
Bindable application bar wrappers for Windows Phone.
Binding manager and interfaces for adding bindings to existing UI frameworks.
Provides a bindable Android ViewPager for use with MvvmCross bindings.