Top 20 NuGet binaryreader Packages

Deprecated in favor of Syroot.BinaryData
.NET library extending stream data reading and writing functionality.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
SpanReader and SpanWriter which wraps a Span<byte> and provide a convenient functionality for reading and writing.
Types and extension methods to deal with binary data.
.NET library automating binary serialization of classes and structs.
.Net 大端序二进制读取器, 目前只能固定读取8、16、u24、32、64长度的整型,以后可能会根据自己的实际需要再进行功能扩展(比如读取任意位的整型),如果你想参与这个项目你可以加入进来(然而这个项目我用 Visual Basic 写的)。
An alternative to the .NET BinaryReader and BinaryWriter objects that allows you to read and write individual bits of data.
Set of extension methods/properties that make File IO easier.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
A high-performance implementation of BinaryReader and BinaryWriter which works on binary arrays directly by eliminating the need for an intermediate stream object.
Extension methods for BinaryReader/BinaryWriter for switching byte endianness.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
Provides helper classes for Bitwise IO