Top 20 NuGet basicauthentication Packages

Easy to use and very light weight Microsoft style Basic Scheme Authentication implementation for ASP.NET Core.
Simple implementation of basic authentication using only one dll and one xml file with credentials.
Yet another WebApi tester is a .Net standard 2.1 assembly that can be used with test frameworks like NUnit to run tests against a web api.
This NuGet package has been made obsolete and moved to a new package named 'AspNetCore.Authentication.Basic'. Please consider removing this package and download the new one as there will be no future updates on this package. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. This was done purely for the naming of ...
Simple Authentication implementation for ASP.NET Core. - Basic Authentication Scheme - API Key Custom Authentication Scheme
This module allows you to add ability of HTTP authentiocation (supports both of Basic and Digest auth) on your ASP.NET Web Applications, independent Windows machine or Active Directory users accounts. このモジュールは、Windows マシンアカウントないしは Active Diretory に依存することなく、HTTP認証機能 ( 基本認証とダイジェスト認証のいずれも対応 ) を提供...
Extensions for WCF, including: - Dependency Injection - Custom Authentication - Custom Basic Authentication
Simple basic authentication with one line of code for HttpClient.