Top 20 NuGet bash Packages

ConEmu-Maximus5 (short for Console Emulator) is a handy and full featured Windows console window (local terminal) with a lot of enhancements: panes, tabs, tasks, jump lists, quake style, handy text and block selection, handy paste of paths in either Unix or Windows notation, and much more. ConEmu.C...
Utilize Bash shell directly in C#/.NET Core
File system path globbing library (wildcards like in bash).
Bash Glob (bash-glob) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Run bash commands from within C# code that is running on Linux.
A membership management tool using NetBash. This package allows you to quickly and easily manage users and roles using the default membership provider.
A library for building strongly typed bash scripts.
Verifies correct operation of .sh file association and fixes known bug in Git for Windows .sh pipe redirection.
A Libary for managing Batch with c# core