Top 20 NuGet barcodes Packages

Provides barcode scanning as a Service using either a ContentPage or PopupPage. Either experience can be further customized by implementing your own version and overriding any of the setter methods.
.NET Wrapper for Web API - online tools for PDF, barcodes, spreadsheets.
MindFusion.WPF Pack offers you a fast and easy way to add to your application state-of-the-art flowcharts, spreadsheets, calendars, reports, maps, charts, gauges, and virtual keyboard.
.NET library to generate common 1D barcodes
Capture SDK for C# to integrate Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanners in your app. The Socket Mobile Companion service is required to be installed on the host.
Xamarin bindings for Socket Mobile Capture SDK, enables barcode scanning and RFID reading by using Socket Mobile wireless readers.