Top 20 NuGet banking Packages

Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE), JSON Web Token (JWT), JSON Web Encryption (JWE) and JSON Web Key (JWK) Implementation for .NET Ultimate Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE), JSON Web Token (JWT), JSON Web Encryption (JWE) and JSON Web Key (JWK) Implementation for .NET. ...
SDK to facilitate C# (.NET) integrations with the Stark Bank API
NetLedger is a simple, self-contained ledgering library for adding debits and credits, checking balances, and performing commits on pending entries. NetLedger is self-contained and uses Sqlite; should you need a version using an external database, please contact us.
A client api for banking service.
Enban is an IBAN/BBAN API for .NET, including parsing, validation and formatting.
NetCore8583 is a library that helps parse/read and generate ISO 8583 messages. It does not handle sending or reading them over a network connection, but it does parse the data you have read and can generate the data you need to write over a network connection.
Unleash the power of Linxo with a simple-to-use C# client
Get the latest european Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs)
Nuget package of Banking application project for the UNMSM
A collection of methods for solving Finance/Accounting equations.
Nuget package of Banking.Transactions.Messages application project for the UNMSM
Library to generate check digits for artificial IBANs and check validity of IBAN codes. Please visit the project's GitHub page to check the documentation.
The Best Bank Portugal Connect is a open source C# library that helps to connect to the Best Bank's Open Banking PSD2 API, a bank based in Portugal. Features: -Authorization flow (OAuth 2) -Get Balances -Get Moviments -Make transferences -Make payments via portuguese standarts.
Creates Jwt Authentication Token and Consent URL by RSA key pair
Unofficial .NET client for ClearBank integration, creating online payments via their API. Bank payment handling automation in United Kingdom.
.NET Portable SDK for access to Mangopay API v2. Using Mangopay technology, you can create e-wallets for sellers and buyers, securely hold funds on e-wallets as long as needed, collect fees, refund payers, etc... An account is required in order to test (in a sandbox environment). For more informatio...
Financial APIs to connect users' bank accounts
An unofficial Starling Bank SDK.