Top 20 NuGet badges Packages

Version 1.1.18 ME.Leolin.Shortcutbadger.ShortcutBadger.ApplyCount(context, count); ME.Leolin.Shortcutbadger.ShortcutBadger.RemoveCount(context);
Xamarin.Forms flowing entry with tags/badges support.
The Golf Badges SDK allows you to leverage the latest golf technology inside your app.
Html Helpers that provide badges and links to associated Github and Nuget projects. @Html.NuInstall("package") @Html.NuPanel("package", @html, ...) @Html.GhForkme("user/repo", [color], [side]) @Html.GhDownload("user/repo", [font]) @Html.ShBadge(shType.downloads_nuget, ...) @Html.Code(@html)
Badge Keeper .NET client library. Easily add achievements to your app.
Achievementsystem for C#