Top 20 NuGet back Packages

Library and pattern for creating a scalable, loosely coupled service layer. Build interdependent services that are granular and testable. Inject a single client that allows the application to access the entire service layer. Provision services across multiple providers and transports with almost ...
Utilities for AdaptiveClient
Utility classes and methods for using AdaptiveClient to work with DBContext and other Entity Framework Core objects. Build loosely coupled services, readily accessible via a lightweight façade. Easily build your service layer to use multiple providers (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite) with no additional infra...
A lightweight back-end framework and utilities kit based on MongoDB/Redis
uBeSocial is an Umbraco Back-Office extension that allows for easy posting to multiple social networks at once.
Utitlity methods for working with DBContext. Resolve DBContext from EndPoint, create database, apply migrations, drop database.
Create bees, give them nector and make honey
jQuery goTop is a <2kb Scroll to Top jQuery plugin.
Provides a simple set of list based extensions for Double-ended Queue, or Deque, operation.