Top 20 NuGet bitbucket Packages

C# API wrapper for Atlassian BitBucket Server (previously know as Stash)
Package Description
Generates source link for Bitbucket repositories.
C# client for Bitbucket Cloud
ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling Bitbucket authentication.
SharpBucket is a .Net wrapper (written in c#) for the Bitbucket's REST API. With it you can have all the data of your repositories / issues at your fingertips.
Skybrud.Social is a framework in .NET for integration with various social services like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The framework will handle all the technical parts and API communication so you don't have to.
Builds release history notes from unreleased pull requests on GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps Services / Server, BitBucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server and optionally posts them to a markdown file, Atlassian Confluence and Slack.
A library for accessing Atlassians Bitbucket server from .NET
C# API wrapper for Atlassian's BitBucket Server
Authentication and service implementation for the BitBucket API.
C# .NET wrapper for the Bitbucket RESTful API
BitBucket and GitHub OAuth Providers for ASP.NET and DotNetOpenAuth
Create an issue on Bitbucket when a new error is logged on
GitLink let's users step through your code hosted on any Git hosting service! This makes symbol servers obsolete which saves you both time with uploading source files with symbols and the user no longer has to specify custom symbol servers (such as
A lightweight GitHub API Library for .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone
An mmbot script for bitbucket that will display recently added/updated comments
This package provides support for receiving WebHooks from Bitbucket. For information about Bitbucket WebHooks, see "".
ASP.NET Core Bitbucket WebHooks infrastructure. Contains the BitbucketWebHookAttribute class and AddBitbucketWebHooks method.