Top 20 NuGet azure-table-storage Packages

This project implements an efficient middleware based way to implement workers with a strong focus on Azure App Services.
This projects implements an abstraction for Azure Storage Tables to use POCOs because deriving every entity from ITableEntity or TableEntity looks like a step backwards. The current implementation is intended to be an abstraction to store every existing entity into Azure Table Store.
A repository wrapper for Azure Table Storage that uses POCOs (Plain Old CLR Objects) instead of objects that implemeent ITableEntity. The Azure Storage SDK requires that objects that it works with to implement the ITableEntity interface. This puts us into one of two places that are often not des...
Easily convert POCOs (Plain Old CLR Objects) to Azure Table Storage TableEntities and vice versa.
An implementation of a trie-like data structure using Azure Table Storage to enable type-ahead style searching. Targets netcoreapp2.1, netstandard2.0 and net461.
Cyan is a .NET dynamic client for the Azure Table Storage REST API. Uses .NET 4 dynamic features to mimic the behavior of the REST API so that you can leverage the existing Azure documentation without being forced into a complex object model.
Repository pattern implementation for microsoft azure storage table. It is probably not the fastest one but maybe one of the most simple. The tradeof is the use of dynamic in order to map from model objects. to table entites.
Geared more toward Azure Table Storage (vs CosmosDB, which has an ATS api), using an intra/inter partition (or table) secondary index pattern. This library handles keeping the indexes up to date as data gets mutated.