Top 20 NuGet attachment Packages

Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
KeyVault provider for Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
Microsoft Azure ServiceBus plugin to emulate server-side exceptions
Plugin for XrmToolBox to bulk download attachments from notes or emails. Also ability to upload note attachments.
WP8 and WP7 SMTP client library to send emails without using the EmailComposeTask, and attach any type of file. Main Features: • connects to Microsoft Live, Gmail or to a custom SMTP mail server (SSL/TLS compatible). • supports any kind of attachment, from resource or isolated storage: pdf, mp3, w...
Attachment server model.
Attachment Abstractions for server model.
Attachment server model. Attachments are linked to the Roles/Users with special permissions
Data access layer to attachments
Interfaces for data access layer to the attachment.