Top 20 NuGet attachment Packages

Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
Plugin for XrmToolBox to bulk download attachments from notes or emails. Also ability to upload note attachments.
A module that is in charge of attach file to entities by specified entity-name field-name and entity-id in a ASP.NET Core applications
KeyVault provider for Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
Microsoft Azure ServiceBus plugin to emulate server-side exceptions
WP8 and WP7 SMTP client library to send emails without using the EmailComposeTask, and attach any type of file. Main Features: • connects to Microsoft Live, Gmail or to a custom SMTP mail server (SSL/TLS compatible). • supports any kind of attachment, from resource or isolated storage: pdf, mp3, w...
Inline embed (base64) images in MIME messages & strip out attached source images
Attachment server model.
Attachment Abstractions for server model.
Attachment server model. Attachments are linked to the Roles/Users with special permissions
Data access layer to attachments
Interfaces for data access layer to the attachment.