Top 20 NuGet asynclazy Packages

Asynchronous coordination primitives.
Class library containing useful general-programming classes and extension methods for existing types.
A .NET library that provides a variety of reusable functionality, including packed integers (PackedInt16, PackedInt32, and PackedInt64), guard methods, various extension methods, and classes related to the Task Parallel Library (AsyncLazy, AsyncLock, AsyncAutoResetEvent, and AsyncManualResetEvent).
Asynchronous coordination primitives.
Async utrils.
OneCode.Async extends the basic .NET Task library with lots of frequently-asked helper functions. For example, Task.RunSynchronously executes an async task synchronously; Task.RunPeriodically executes an action periodically. Task.FromEvent creates a Task that waits for an event to occur.
Asynchronous coordination primitives. Recompiled to .Net Standard 2.0 without any dependencies of older platforms
Lazy execution for your C# adventures! Contains classes like AsyncLazy, AsyncContext, AsyncCache and AsyncLock.