Top 20 NuGet asymmetric Packages

Helper methods for dealing with certificates.
Encrypt/Decrypt files and streams with PGP using a single line of code. Synchronous or asynchronous operation. Other features; ASCII Armor, data integrity packets, public/private key generation.
Google Keyczar Library compatible implementation in .NET
A service to help manage JWT access tokens and refresh tokens in C#. Supports: HS256, HS384, HS512, RS256, RS384, RS512, ES256, ES384, ES512
ASP.NET Core authentication handler to validate messages signed with an asymmetric authentication scheme
This library implements XML serialization and deserialization for the TrustMe library keys and certificates.
Decryption utillity package. Helps decrypt things
Encryption developed in .NET Standard. Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithms: RSA. Symmetric Cryptography Algorithms: AES, DES.
This library is about trust. It implements a public key/private key handling solution for RSA 2048 bits and SHA512 operations with validation chain.
CBCrypt : Next-generation user authentication, beyond bcrypt, scrypt, pbkdf2 CBCrypt deterministically generates an asymmetric keypair from servername, username, and password. Users can authenticate to the server without ever sending their password. For more details, see
Provides best practice encryption and hashing methods. These functions can be used to safely encrypt data and hash passwords.
The Scrypt (Silverlight Cryptography) library adds RSA Encryption, Decryption, Signing and Verification for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Key generation is performed asynchrounously so as not to block your UI. This library has been used successfully in Windows Phone 7 apps offered through AppHub....
Helper methods for creating encryption functionality with RSA and Rijndael.
Keyczar dotnet management Tool
Encryption utillity package. Helps encrypt things
A compact library for abelian group algebra commonly used in asymmetric cryptography, fully written in C#.
A simple wrapper for System.Security.Cryptography features.