Top 20 NuGet astronomy Packages

The runtime assemblies from the ASCOM Platform, conveniently bundled as a NuGet package. Useful when you need to build a project on a computer where you can't or prefer not to install the ASCOM Platform, e.g. on a build server or build agent. On a machine with the ASCOM Platform installed, these ass...
Routines for reading and manipulating NASA FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) files
Fundamental types for representing astronomical quantities and general utilities
A library based on the Reactive Extensions for .NET for simplifying device communications over serial, Ethernet and other types of communications channel to embedded controllers, while guaranteeing correct sequencing and thread-safety of transactions. Originally developed for use with AS...
Serilog adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
NLog adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
Log4Net adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
This package provide classes, interfaces, ... allowing to send request to ASCOM Alpaca devices
CSharpFITS package is a pure C# .NET port of Tom McGlynn's nom.tam.fits Java package. It provides native C# support for reading and writing FITS files.
Library that allows to use the plate solve service from a .NET application
This is the official NuGet package of Astronomical Algorithms # (AASharp or AA#) AASharp is a C# port of PJ Naughter's static C++ library, AA+. Naughter's library implements the algorithms in Jean Meuss' book, "Astronomical Algorithms."
AASharp.Extension provides helper classes and methods allowing using AASharp more easily.
INDILib porting to a C# DLL: automation & control of astronomical instruments
MountSend is a software that allows to send command to 10Micron Mounts ( It has initially been developed by Per Frejvall
Set of C# algorithms and procedures that implement standard models used in fundamental astronomy.
Package Description
This package provide common classes, interfaces, ... that can be used in an ASCOM Alpaca client or device
An unofficial .NET wrapper for NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day API. This .NET Standard 2.0 library can be used to asynchronously interface with NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day API (APOD).