Top 20 NuGet asterisk Packages

Independentsoft.Sip is Session Initiation Protocol API for .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, Mono, Xamarin.
ContactPoint IP Phone SIP client implementation
AsterNET.ARI Asterisk ARI/Stasis framework for .NET
Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) client library for .NET
AsterNET an Asterisk FastAGI and AMI framework for .NET
This is an unofficial package for the Asterisk .NET library. The Asterisk .NET library consists of a set of C# classes that allow you to easily build applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server (1.0/1.2/1.4 version). Both FastAGI and Manager API supported. .NET/Mono compatible.
TakeIo.PhoneNumber is a library to interpret phone number plans accordingly with a configuration file, formatted like Asterisk dial plan patterns. You can adapt any new rule to your couontry by editing the configuration file.
My package description.
A set of extensions to the AsterNET framework.
asterNet library to support net Standard 2.0