Top 20 NuGet arraypool Packages

High-performance hexadecimal converter
High-performance formatters for ListPool.
High-performance formatters for ListPool.
High-performance converters for ListPool.
Includes PooledList, PooledDictionary, PooledSet, PooledStack, and PooledQueue: based on the corresponding collections in System.Collections.Generic, but using ArrayPool internally to reduce allocations, and with some API changes that allow for better compatibility with Span.
Provides IDisposable leases for Microsoft's ArrayPool class from the System.Buffers package.
MemoryStream alternative using array pool instead of GC new. Best used for LOH sized streams. Look at benchmarks on github for details.
This a fork from Utf8Json where we added support for Span and ListPool
ListPool and ValueListPool are optimized allocation free implementations of IList using ArrayPool. Changelog: * Improve dispose performance ListPool is the general use of the implementation, we recommend to use ListPool for most of the cases. ValueListPool is the zero heap alloca...
This library has the resolver and formatter for ListPool to get the maximum performance when serializing objects type ListPool.