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Cleans HTML from constructs that can be used for cross-site scripting (XSS)
AntiXSS is an encoding library which uses a safe list approach to encoding. It provides Html, XML, Url, Form, LDAP, CSS, JScript and VBScript encoding methods to allow you to avoid Cross Site Scripting attacks. This library is part of the Microsoft SDL tools.
Cleans HTML from constructs that can be used for cross site scripting (XSS) Net Core 3.1
Provides protections against LDAP Injection.
Rule based HTML sanitizer using a white list. Use it to cleanup HTML and removing malicious content.
An AntiXss attribute for Web API request models. It essentially runs the Microsoft AntiXss library against the input and fails validation if the result is different to the original value. There are ways to fine tune and relax where appropriate.
ASP.Net Core AntiXSS Library
ASP.Net vNext Anti Xss Library
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