Top 20 NuGet animations Packages

This library provides helpers and extensions on top of Windows Composition and XAML storyboards. It is a part of the Windows Community Toolkit. Namespace: - CompositionAnimations: - Animations: AnimationBase, OffsetAnimation, OpacityAnimation, RotationAnimation, RotationInDegreesA...
Content Pipeline importers and processors to make MonoGame more awesome.
MonoGame.Aseprite is a cross-platofrm C# library that adds support to MonoGame projects for Aseprite (.asepirte/.ase) files.
Animations library for Xamarin Forms
This library provides the LottieVisualSource which is consumed by the Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.AnimatedVisualPlayer to render Lottie JSON files.
A tweening system to make MonoGame more awesome.
Generates code from a Lottie file. This is the most efficient way to render Lottie files on Windows.
A wrapper UWP PCL to work with Windows.UI.Composition and XAML animations, and Win2D effects
This is based on I have added some more changes and improvements on original repo
Cubic-Bezier easings for Xamarin Forms animations
Xamarin.iOS bindings for Hero library (visual transition helper).
Web Animations JS (web-animations-js) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Animations to make MonoGame more awesome.
Beautiful Segues for Xamarin.Forms apps.
The Dennkind Framework library provides animated frame and navigation controls for WPF applications.
A set of animated loader for your WPF projects.
Sprites with bone-like hierarchy Transformations for MonoGame projects.
Basic scene graph (node-based transformations) for 3D MonoGame projects.
Xamarin Forms package which allows use some common WPF/UWP features like XAML-defined animations, storyboards, VisualStateManager, etc...
Set of Xamarin bindings of Facebook Shimmer for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS