Top 20 NuGet alias Packages

Sets the AWS IAM Account Alias with a Custom Resource (Stability: Stable)
Provides subscription management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Adds ability to support aliases for model binding. Set action parameter to "product" and place "productid" on querystring. i.e. public ActionResult Index([Alias("pid"]Product product) ... add global filter ... filters.Add(new AliasInitializer());
A .NET Mixpanel API to add tracking to your Windows Phone, WinRT and .NET 4 apps. The complete Mixpanel API is supported (tracking events and all types of profile updates). The API also supports offline mode and bad networks: if element could not be sent, it'll be stored locally and sent later on.
Library that makes the unique alias of types in .NET.
C# library that adds conversion Method Extensions to System.Object. Perform super simple data conversions without being forced to consider all the scenarios. Let the library do it for you.
A task runner for the .NET CLI.
An abstraction on site navigation wrapped up in a jQuery plugin. When using website analytics, window.location is not sufficient due to the referer not being passed on the request. The plugin resolves this and allows for both aliased and parametrised URLs. I also provide an API helper method, which ...
Library that makes the unique alias of types in .NET.
Selenium driver implementation for the Alias framework.
XUnit test executor implementation for the Alias framework.
Aliases of System.Linq extension methods.
Common functionality for the Alias framework
Este pacote é basicamente um utilitário. Criamos vários métodos e extensões que implementam funções do dia-a-dia do desenvolvedor como: Criptografia hash e simetrica, gerador de senha, extensão para string e conversor de DateTime para UnixTime. Conversor para base64 (Stream, Image, Byte, String), ju...