Top 20 NuGet actionresult Packages

Provides the RangedStreamResult class; an IActionResult that makes handling ranged requests simpler in Mvc controllers when using streams for files/blobs
A small package to allow using resume during transfering data over MVC application in ASP.NET Core.
PDF can be made by simply returning return new PdfResult() in ASP.NET MVC which will show a PDF in the browser or you can use PdfBytes class to get html converted to pdf bytes . There are multiple overloads available for you to select an data object or a action other than your current o...
日本語用 PDF作成ツール 簡単にPDFを作成できます。 Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
This ActionResult class for ASP.NET MVC allows you to send a binary contents response that can cache based on Etag, and/or last modified date, to web browser. If the cache hit, this class send "HTTP 304 Not Modified" without calling contents retrieving callback. / この ASP.NET MVC ActionResult クラスは Et...
Converts a IDomainResult-based object (returned from the Domain Layer) to various ActionResult-based types providing 20+ static extension methods. To be used in Web API projects to accompany 'DomainResult.Common' package used in the Domain Layer.
Easily write a stream without buffering
Redirect And Post Action Result Extension for ASP.NET COre Controller.
Adds helper methods overrides to AspNetCore's ControllerBase `Ok`, `Created`, ... that allow compile-time checks that what is returned matches the return type in `Task<ActionResult<MyReturnType>>`
Decouples domain operation results from ActionResult-based types of Web API. Provides: - data types for returning from domain operations (wraps up the returned value and adds operation status with error messages if applicable); - 50+ extension methods to effortlessly form the desired response.
Extension to IActionResult for Viewing PDF
A set of extensions to add flash message feature to ASP.NET Core projects.