Top 20 NuGet accounts Packages

Provides Storage service management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure. This package is in low maintenance mode and being phased out. To use the latest Azure SDK for resource management, please see
Official .NET client library for the Invoiced API.
(Unfinished, Work in Progress) Unofficial Rest Client for
(Unfinished, Work in Progress) Unofficial Rest Client for
Quickly setup account endpoints in an ASP.NET web application or in HTTP Azure Functions. Works perfect with Endpointer.Authentication.API.
The PayPal Adaptive Accounts SDK provides the following methods: CreateAccount: Creates PayPal accounts. AddBankAccount: Link bank accounts to PayPal accounts as funding sources. AddPaymentCard: Link payment cards to PayPal accounts as funding sources SetFundingSourceConfirmed: Set the funding s...
.NET client implementation of the Stems Accounts API
Quickly consume an API using Endpointer.Accounts.API endpoints.
Core models for Endpointer.Accounts.
Allow users to easily create Google API Service authenticated objects with JSON or P12 files.
Meteor Accounts Phone (meteor-accounts-phone) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Common libraries to handle logging, exceptions and file manipulation
A simple account management lbirary.
The Entity Framework implementation of the DevAccelerateFinancials library.
MvcBlanket security implementation
A library that allows you to manage accounts, transactions, payment methods, etc.
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