Top 20 NuGet accounting Packages

JSON converters for AccountingTime types.
BSON serializers for AccountingTime types.
Naos PropertyBag converters for AccountingTime types.
Specifies types to help with dates and times in an accounting/finance context.
NetLedger is a simple, self-contained ledgering library for adding debits and credits, checking balances, and performing commits on pending entries. NetLedger is self-contained and uses Sqlite; should you need a version using an external database, please contact us.
Framework for user profile management
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to Sage Businness Cloud Accounting objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like Products, SalesInvoices, Journals, etc.
A C# client to access Billomat.
freshbooks-api provides a single assembly wrapper library around the Freshbooks API. Freshbooks.Library.dll exposes a class 'FreshbooksApi' that ecapsulates the OAuth 1.0a negotiation as well as exposing service interfaces for all the supported entities in the Freshbooks API. For more information ...
A collection of methods for solving Finance/Accounting equations.
NLedger, a .Net port of Ledger accounting system (
Accounting binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
number, money and currency parsing/formatting library
Account and payment primitives.
Provides low-level, dynamic functions for operating with the FreshBooks API.