Top 20 NuGet accessibility Packages

Accessibility Inspector for Xamarin.Mac allows you to inspect views in realtime and detect possible accessibility issues.
This library provides XAML user controls and services to help developer building their app. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.
An all-in-one wizard plugin that is extremely flexible, compact and feature-rich.
Nice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.
A collection of accessible Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.7 user controls for ASP.NET. It's easy to forget to add ARIA attributes and other accessibility markup. With these controls, it's all handled for you! This project is forked from the Tie.Controls.Bootstrap project by pmcfernandes and features additi...
.NET library to expose controls to Automation
What Input improves on track-focus by adding a data attribute on the body tag instead of littering the DOM with classes on elements that have been interacted with. It also exposes a simple API that can be used for scripting interactions.
Using the Tenon.IO api, gives the ability to run accessibility tests for both URL's and source code.
Adds NUnit3 constraints for checking if WPF controls meet Accessibility best practice
A c# client for the AChecker accessibility validator.
Accessible Output allows you to create programs which speak either using the deault Windows (SAPI) voice, or to speak using a screen reader's API (providing a more natural user experience).
This package is a .NET wrapper around Quentin Cosendey's screen reader API. This API gives you an extra tool in your accessibility arsenal, by allowing you to communicate directly with screen readers. Currently supports SAAPI, JAWS, NVDA, Window Eyes and Supernova.
Software library that translates mathematical text into the United States standard Braille code for science and mathematics.
Adds framework for checking if WPF controls meet Accessibility best practice