Top 20 NuGet asp.net5 Packages

asp.net5 web api extensions
Hypertext Application Language
This library provides data-paging functionality and pager UI for ASP.NET 5 MVC6 projects.
ASP.NET 5 PagedList core library provides data paging functionality for ASP.NET 5 targeted projects.
This library provides HTML generator and tag helpers to display bootstrap-styled operation message alerts.
This library contains the default implementation for operation message services for ASP.NET 5 projects.
ASP.NET 5 PagedList abstraction layer defines the IPagedList interface and useful extension methods for ASP.NET 5 targeted projects. This project does not contains the implementation for creating paged list from a certain data source.
This package add the data type compatibility for ASP.NET 5 TempData feature.
ASP.NET MVC 6 Extensions Library provides addtional tag helpers and utility for simplify ASP.NET 5 web application development.
This library contains the operation message type definitions and service interfaces for ASP.NET 5 projects.
For 5 only: Generates pdf documents from your razor views within an 5 MVC project.Simply use return type as PdfActionResult in the controller will output PDF document instead of HTML. This converts HTML to PDF using the iTextXmlWorker Library. This is a DNX ( vNext) implement...