Top 20 NuGet asm Packages

MultiPlug Extension for ASM DEK Printing Machines
JitBuddy provides a small helper method to disassemble to a x86/x64 ASM listing the native code generated by the JIT of a managed method.
SharpDisam is a disassembler written in C# able to decode the x86 and x86-64 instruction set architectures. It features: * a full C# port of the libudis86 C library * a set of simple C# classes wrapping the udis86 API * support for x86 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set architectures * s...
Process.NET is a C# class library to interact with processes. Please see the project page for more details.
MemorySharp is a C# based memory editing library targeting Windows applications, offering various functions to extract and inject data and codes into remote processes to allow interoperability.
A managed wrapper to use FASM compiler within .NET applications.
Asm.Apolo.Core es un componente que ofrece clases de resultado de comunicacion entre métodos, extensiones, clases utilitarios, etc. Estas clases pueden ser usadas para facilitar el desarrollo de procesos en cada una de las capas.
Componente de Framework Apolo es un componente que ofrece clases que definen el contrato para una implementacion de repository, unit of work, entity, etc. Debe ser referenciado en la capa de dominio bajo una arquitectura domain driven design.
Process.NET is a C# based class library offering various tools to interact with processes.
.NET wrapper for udis86
What has been changed compared to original: Fixed output detection for _YASM task. Moved targets and props to build folder to automatically include them when downloaded. Added option to overload yasm platform in yasm task. ...