Top 20 NuGet ase Packages

Aspose.3D is a class library for working with 3D files. It allows developers to create/manipulate/render 3D scene and work with FBX,STL,OBJ,3DS,U3D,DAE,X,ASE,RVM,PDF,DRC,GLTF files. It allows you to open files and manipulate the elements in the 3D scene, from line,mesh,nurbs curve, to more complex e...
.NET Core data provider for Sybase ASE
A Sybase ASE provider for Insight.Database so Insight.Database can do its magic on PostgreSQL. Automatically installs Sybase ASE drivers.
Supported databases: IBM DB2 LUW/zOS, Firebird, IBM Informix, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sql Server (+Azure), Microsoft Sql Server Compact, MySql, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SAP HANA, SAP/Sybase ASE.
.NET Core data provider for Sybase ASE (Strong Named)
Extends ADONetHelper library to ASE
A very barebones implementation of EntityFrameworkCore. Supports basic CRUD interactions. Lots of untested features.
SQL Anywhere (ODBC) and Adaptive Server Enterprise (ODBC) database provider for the SnapObjects ORM (SnapObjects.Data).
.NET Core data provider for Sybase ASE