Top 20 NuGet ascom Packages

The runtime assemblies from the ASCOM Platform, conveniently bundled as a NuGet package. Useful when you need to build a project on a computer where you can't or prefer not to install the ASCOM Platform, e.g. on a build server or build agent. On a mach...
A library based on the Reactive Extensions for simplifying device communications to embedded controllers, while guaranteeing correct sequencing and thread-safety of transactions. Originally developed for use with ASCOM device drivers, but may be useful for any software that needs to communicate wit...
Serilog adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
NLog adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
Log4Net adapter to use with ES.Ascom.Alpaca.Client
This package provide classes, interfaces, ... allowing to send request to ASCOM Alpaca devices
Custom actions for installing ASCOM drivers
This package provide common classes, interfaces, ... that can be used in an ASCOM Alpaca client or device