Top 20 NuGet apiclient Packages

Mundipagg alternative sdk for dotnet applications
Provides coarse-grained access to VersionOne Asset objects via the REST-based HTTP API for building custom applications against the VersionOne platform.
PagarMe alternative sdk for dotnet applications
API client that enables an application to call Swedish BankID's (svenskt BankIDs) REST API in .NET.
C# API client for interacting with the Gotenberg v7 & v8 micro-service's API, a docker-powered stateless API for converting & merging HTML, Markdown and Office documents to PDF. The client supports a configurable Polly retry policy with exponential back-off for handling transient exceptions.
Complement for RestSharp to create fast and easily API Clients (SDK) with Newtonsoft serialization and Serilog Log
Fabrik API Client for .NET.
Client for Svea Ekonomi checkout solution. Simplifies REST calls with securitytokens to simple class function calls.
ARH (Advanced Rest Handler) is an API client build on top of Newtownsoft package and System.Net.Http.HttpClient class, to provide an easy and unite way to request many form of APIs with different implementations
HTML parsing (using HtmlAgilityPack) for the DragonFruit Data Library
API client that enables an application to call GrandID's (Svensk E-identitet) REST API in .NET.
ApiClientService Library helps you to consume any Web API from withing your C# based application with a few lines of code.
Client to use to export to SURVI-Prevention.
Fabrik API Client Helpers for ASP.NET MVC.
Portable REST Client that can be used in all types of cross-platform projects
An API client to use maps resource powered by MundiPagg
This package provides a simple-to-use client for StockFluence's public APIs