Top 20 NuGet amleditor Packages

This Package contains a contract DLL and defines Interface Classes which have to be implemented by AutomationML Editor - PlugIn Developers. When implemented, the PlugIn Class should EXPORT its Interface with Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF).
The Aml.Toolkit provides basic UI controls based on WPF to visualize AutomationML data. The Toolkit is used in the AutomationML Editor and is available to implement PlugIns for the AutomationML Editor.
The inpro 'AutomationML Version Management' is an AutomationML Editor plugin, with which you can compare two AutomationML documents. With this PlugIn, change and version information can be subsequently added to an AutomationML document, based on a model driven comparison of the last exported data - ...
This AutomationML Editor Plugin can be used to generate readable documentations of AutomationML class libraries. Exports to Word, Html and RTF are supported.
The 'AutomationML Draw' is an AutomationML Editor plugIn, which can be used to draw different kinds of diagrams showing related AutomationML classes and objects.