Top 20 NuGet 3ds Packages

Aspose.3D is a class library for working with 3D files. It allows developers to create/manipulate/render 3D scene and work with FBX,STL,OBJ,3DS,U3D,DAE,X,ASE,RVM,PDF,DRC,GLTF files. It allows you to open files and manipulate the elements in the 3D scene, from line,mesh,nurbs curve, to more complex e...
.NET Standard wrapper for OctoNezd's NTRDB API.
A wrapper for to obtain and search for themes, badges and splash screens for the Nintendo 3DS.
Extension for DynamicImage that can render 3D scenes
3D asset import library for .NET 4.0. Supported formats are Autodesk 3DS and Lightwave OBJ.