Top 20 NuGet 2020 Packages

Entity Framework Core persistence layer for IdentityServer4
SlidingRootNav The library is a DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup, where a "drawer" is hidden under the content view, which can be shifted to make the drawer visible. It doesn't provide you with a drawer builder.
Entity Framework 7 persistence layer for IdentityServer4 -Deprecated- Use TwentyTwenty.IdentityServer4.EntityFrameworkCore
Entity Framework 7 persistence layer for IdentityServer3
AspNet Identity 3 IUserService for IdentityServer3
Message Bus and Provider Abstractions
MassTransit Message Bus Abstractions
Resources for deserializing UDP data from the F1 2020 video game by Codemasters.
Basic Chatbot with plugins 2020
A simple C# common library. Free and open source.
Revit 2020 Assembly List: AddInJournalClient.dll AdWindows.dll RevitAddInUtility.dll RevitAPI.dll RevitAPIIFC.dll RevitAPIUI.dll UIFramework.dll UIFrameworkServices.dll
Test-CAI1390 description
Base libraries for Autodesk Civil 3D API SDK
Autodesk© AutoCAD© base .NET SDK libraries