Top 20 NuGet .NetFramework Packages

This is a NuGet package of Microsoft Concurrency Visualizer SDK Tools in .NET Standard. Microsoft released the binary for .NET Framework 4.5. I ported it to .NET Standard, so this NuGet package works f...
Provides platform-specific implementations of the Communication library for .NET Framework, including listeners and connections for the TCP protocol.
A PCL library that lets you connect Javascript on the browser side to the C# code by proxying C# side. For this library to be usable you need to use one of the platform packages.
A simple reference to do easy payments with zarinpal!
Cross platform library to encrypt and decrypt string. Useful to securely save information on local files. Compatible with Newton.Soft object serialziation. Good companion of BiT21.FileService.
A Redis client using with StackExchange.Redis.