Top 20 NuGet .net4.0 Packages

A compiler for dylan.NET, a language targeting the CLR
A .Net port of ActiveSupport library of Ruby on Rails. The goal is to extend Base Class Library for Common Usage with human readable syntax.
Canducci MongoDB Repository .NET 4.0
Store IP Ranges in Redis as sorted sets for fast lookup.
JeansMan Team Lib, C#4.0 WCF infrastructure library.
Task helper library for dylan.NET (await support for Task, Task<T>, ValueTask<T>, YieldAwaitable, ConfiguredTaskAwaitable, ConfiguredTaskAwaitable<T>, ConfiguredValueTaskAwaitable<T> + new IAwaiter(<T>)/IAwaitable(<T>) abstractions)
PortableTPL is a portable project inspired by the Task Parallel Library. It can be used with .Net 4.0, Silverlight 4.0, XNA 4.0 for XBox 360 and Silverlight for Windows Phone.
dylan.NET support for ASP.NET 5
This library enriched the language features of VisualBasic.NET programming. Easily create and read some common document in VisualBasic:
友好速搭开放平台 API CSHARP 版本
Library for handling and retrieving system icons.