NuGet Package Control Extensions for Xamarin.Forms

These custom controls make it faster and easier to create great apps using Xamarin.Forms.
The controls currently included are:

SimpleList: For small lists, the UI of the built-in ListView leaves a lot to be desired.

You can use a StackLayout, but then you lose the ability to have an ItemTemplate and ItemSelectedCommand. That's what SimpleList was made for - it gives you the UI control of the StackLayout with the functionality of a ListView. SimpleList is not nearly as performant as ListView, so please don't use it for large lists of data!
Works On: Android, iOS, WinPhone

GestureView: The gesture view control allows you to receive all those great native gestures like swipes, pinches, etc. Just add the gesture view control as the container for whatever elements should recognize the gesture.
Note: Xamarin.Forms has had some bugs in the past with gestures being swallowed by controls and not reaching the gesture view.

This depends on the version and controls that you are using, but if you experience problems, please check your Xamarin.Forms version. The sample project on GitHub is currently using successfully.
Works On: Android, iOS

ZoomImage: Pinch and zoom photos as well as double tap to zoom. Control allows you to enable / disable scrolling, zooming, and control the scaling amounts. As easy to use as the built-in Xamarin.Forms ImageView with even more capabilities!
Works On: Android, iOS.


Version: 1.2.6-beta
Author(s): Chris Plowman
Last Update: Friday, January 15, 2016
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Install-Package XamarinFormsExtensions.Controls
dotnet add package XamarinFormsExtensions.Controls
paket add XamarinFormsExtensions.Controls
XamarinFormsExtensions.Controls Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)