NuGet Package ErrH: Error Handling Framework

# ErrH

* Reusable error-handling framework for C#.
* Intended for use on early releases of an app (dev/alpha)
* Automatic error-reporting on unhandled exceptions
* Notifies developer (via Growl, email, etc.)
* Auto-downloads updated versions of app binaries/files

## Source Code

## Goals
* Minimize user intervention in the error-reporting-patching-updating loop.
* Minimize developer response times in resolving issues/bug fixes.

## Problem Being Solved
In the context of a deployed app, when an end-user encounters a bug
(an unhandled exception, perhaps) the developer must wait for the
end-user to report the bug before the developer can investigate the issue.
After finding the problem, fixing it, and recompiling, the developer must...

## Road Map
* Server for receiving error reports and hosting app files
* Client for sending error reports and downloading updates
* Context/location-aware Notification router

## Release Notes
* No working workflow yet.

Still gathering the needed components.


Version: 1.0.3
Author(s): Peterson Salamat
Last Update: Thursday, August 6, 2015
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Install-Package ErrH
dotnet add package ErrH
paket add ErrH
ErrH Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)