Top 20 NuGet Packages

FsCheck.Xunit integrates FsCheck with xUnit.NET by adding a PropertyAttribute that runs FsCheck tests, similar to xUnit.NET's FactAttribute. All the options normally available in vanilla FsCheck via configuration can be controlled via the PropertyAttribute.
Code Analyzers for projects using that help find and fix frequent issues when writing tests.
An extension for describing your tests using natural language. Installing this package installs Xbehave.Core and xunit.
Includes the libraries for writing tests with Installing this package installs xunit.core.
When you make a unit test assertion with PowerAssert, your assertion messages become much more useful.
Generates valid, readable C# from an expression tree, and can annotate that code with runtime values. Useful for e.g. code generation and unit testing assertions.
Helpers and extensions for the testing framework.
Visual Studio 2015 extension to automate mocks creating and configuring. Also available via Visual Studio gallery . Don't forget to reload Visual Studio instance after the plugin installation.
NOTICE: This is the last planned release of SubSpecGWT. SubSpecGWT has been renamed to You are encouraged to switch to ASAP to continue to receive the latest improvements.
An xUnit extension to dynamically generate human readable test names.
A packaging of SubSpec with added given/when/then vocabulary.