Top 20 NuGet xmlserializer Packages

An extensible Xml Serializer for .NET that builds on the functionality of the classic XmlSerializer with a powerful and robust extension model.
XML XSerializer's XML serialization handles properties and types that the System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer does not handle, such as interfaces and dictionaries. It is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the BCL XmlSerializer - it uses the same attributes: [XmlElement], [XmlAttribute], etc. ...
XmlSerializerHelper serializes and deserializes any .Net object from/to XML.
A high performance XML serialization library for .NET applications
Persist is a .Net serializer/deserializer supporting XML/Json/Yaml formats
Easy helper for XmlSerializer
Extended Xml Serializer for .NET
Provides a generics version of XmlSerializer.
Tests for netfx-System.Xml.XmlSerializer
Extended Xml Serializer for .NET - Autofac integration
Extended Xml Serializer for .NET - ASP Core integration
Extended Xml Serializer for .NET - WebApi integration
Serialization helpers for simple serialization of .Net class objects.
Enables WebApi projects to use XSerializer for its xml serialization.
Package Description
A T4 template to generate XmlSerializer classes that represent the XML Schemas (XSD) in the project.
Easy interface for changing behavior of XmlSerializer without changing the classes being serialized
Helpers for testing serialization