Top 20 NuGet xdt Packages

Cake Addin for performing XDT based config file transforms.
Allows for configuration based XML transformations at build time.
XDT (XML Document Transform) tool for .NET Core.
.NET Standard 2.0 library for XDT (XML Document Transform).
XDT (XML Document Transform) publish tool for .NET Core CLI. Contains the dotnet-transform-xdt command for transforming XML files at publishing time.
Allows for configuration based XML and JSON transformations at build time.
Microsoft Xml Document Transformation (XDT) enables transformig XML files. This is the same technology used to transform web.config files for Visual Studio web projects.
Library for json-, package- and xml-transformation.
A Photon plugin for modifying and transforming VS App/Web config files.
A bootstrapper for NuGet packages
This package enables you to transform your app.config or any other XML file based on the build configuration. It also adds additional tooling to help you create XML transforms.. Written by: Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi, Chuck England and Bill Hiebert
This package contains extensions for XDT (XML Document Transforms). Included here is an MSBuild task as well as other extensions.
StructuredData.Transform implementation for xml using xdt (e.g. code version of csproj TransformXml task)
XDT transformation tool
Simple application which allows to transform one XML file into another using XDT transformations
Unofficial modified version of Microsoft.Web.Xdt supporting namespace prefixes in SetAttributes and RemoveAttributes transforms. Built from a fork of XDT on Codeplex (see project url).
ConfigTransformer can be used for applying custom config transformations ( on an xml file passing the transformation file and optionally the output file
Copies all "App.*.config" transform files as a series of corresponding of "{AssemblyName}.*.config" files to the build output directory regardless of the chosen build configuration.
A tool for comparing two .config files and generating an XDT transform (Microsoft XML Document Transform). Useful for creating transforms for existing production web.config or app.config files. Can also be used for unordered XML comparison, as an alternative to Microsoft's XML Diff tool.
A plugin for Cake for environment-based configuration transformations