Top 20 NuGet wrapping Packages

Type Generator for .NET Standard can generate types runtime from delegates and existing types.
FlexboxLayout Binding for Xamarin Android. Commonly Used Types: -> Android.Flexbox.FlexboxLayout -> Android.Flexbox.FlexboxLayoutManager
This is a binding library of Googles FlexBoxLayout. This control allows you to use something similar to a LinearLayout that can wrap to the next line. Before this library, this was a very difficult task.
Seeed Component wrappers for Gadgeteer.Interfaces
Fake implementations belonging to Gadgeteer.Interfaces
GHI Component wrappers for Gadgeteer.Interfaces
'native' GT and SPOT wrappers for Gadgeteer.Interfaces
A C# framework library for wrapping .NET cache access, including the MemoryCache, AppFabric Cache, Memcached and a disk cache. Use any cache provider in AOP-style, or as an ASP.NET output cache.
Build gadgeteer applications without connecting any hardware!
Wrap exceptions thrown when enumerating instances of IQueryable.
Seemlessly interact with IQueryable instances.
Miscellaneous utilities for working with text.