Top 20 NuGet wp7contrib Packages

The complete set of WP7Contrib nuget packages.
WP7Contrib services, complete functionality for common tasks such as navigation, location, bing maps rest api wrapper, storage & settings. This assembly is location aware - it makes use of & system.device.location namespaces. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Cont...
All WP7Contrib assemblies IL Merged into a single assembly. Third party assemblies have not been merged.
WP7Contrib UI controls assemblies, contains the UI controls, behaviours, transitions & more. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Contrib.View.Controls.dll WP7Contrib.View.Transitions.dll
WP7Contrib communication assemblies, for simplifying commuinication (HTTP) with application servers. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Contrib.Communications.dll
WP7Contrib caching assemblies. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Contrib.Caching.dll WP7Contrib.Common.dll WP7Contrib.Collections.dll WP7Contrib.Logging.dll
WP7Contrib core assemblies. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Contrib.Common.dll WP7Contrib.Collections.dll WP7Contrib.Diagnostics.dll WP7Contrib.Logging.dll
WP7Contrib messaging extensions for MVVM light framework, contains custom implementations of MVVM light messenger classes. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Contrib.Messaging.dll