Top 20 NuGet wkb Packages

Provides GeoJSON.Net Converters from / to Wkb binary format.
Please upgrade to version 12 (Search ThinkGeo.Core on NuGet) if possible. Version 12 works with both .NET Framework and .NET Core, has much less dependencies and many other benifits over 10.0. WkbFile Layer is included in the main package ThinkGeo.Core in Version 12. ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.W...
A WKT/WKB/EWKT/EWKB parser and serializer.
Geo 2D library to read/write to geojson/wkt/wkb and do intersection, union, difference etc calculation. Support point, lineString, mulitpoint, polygon, multipolygon.
A geospatial library for .NET
GeoJSON EntityFramework WKB converter
This is a unit-tested C# library that can convert Well Known Text (WKT) / Well Known Binary (WKB) to and from ESRI's ArcGIS Runtime Geometry. The motivation for this library is a no-dependency and small footprint WKT/WKB parser. It has some limited-functionality but is a alternative to more robust ...
SpatialLITE is a lightweight .NET Core library for spatial data processing.
Triangulates 3D polyhedralsurface
A geospatial library for .NET
Library to parse and generate OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Well-known text (WKT) and Well-known binary (WKB) representation of geometry.