Top 20 NuGet windows-phone Packages

A simple library to display animated GIF images in XAML applications. Supported platforms: WPF (4.0 and later) UWP (Windows 10), Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Silverlight 5.
Extensive time period calculations and individual calendar periods.
Drop-in control to display all apps by a given author. Useful for About pages. Displays name, ratings info, and icon like in Marketplace results.
Data model for the Correspondence collaboration framework.
Do you need to integrate OneDrive file access into your Windows Phone 8 app? Instead of starting from scratch with the Live SDK, use the OneDrive browse task to open the current user's files as easily as you request a photo or send an email. Just authenticate your LiveClient, setup the task, and sho...
Bring awesome Windows Phone 7 and Windows 10 progress bar to Android applications
T4 Templates for generating view models, and views for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone using T4 Toolbox and MVVM Light. Conforms to StyleCop rules, and optional Autofac/Unity DI container integration with View Models.
A library to make it really easy to support tombstoning in the pages of a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight app.
Helper class to simplify usage of the Windows Phone application bar. See the project site for documentation.
Free, simple & easy to use TextBox-based component providing missing and widely-requested support for numeric password input on Windows Phone 8 and higher. Unlike various code samples and tutorials online (this component is based on) it provides advanced editing support and thus better user experie...
Free, simple & easy to use Button-based component providing missing support for buttons with images on Windows Phone 8 and higher. See Project Site for a quick reference on using this component in your projects.
Free, simple & easy to use TextBox-based component for Windows Phone 8 (and higher) providing support for hints. Hint string is displayed only when the control is "empty" (no text is provided by user). The hint does not affect the control value - requesting text when hint is displayed will return ...
A portable class library to access the venue details functionality of the Locu API
A portable class library to access SurePark parking data
Set of base classed and interfaces for Curacao project.
Yet another MVVM library.
Yet another Windows Phone library.
A combination of controls and helper classes used to make Windows Phone apps more effective
Portable Bluetooth API Library for implementing OBEX profile
Fast, free and easy to use C# Base64 stream encoder/decoder for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Store 8.1. Use NuGet_Base64Stream.EncodeAsync(input, output, options) or NuGet_Base64Stream.DecodeAsync(input, output, options) functions to encode/decode streams.