Top 20 NuGet win81 Packages

CrossPlatformLibrary.Camera is a plug-in for platform-independent access to the photo/video cameras.
This integration pack fills the gap between Tracing.NET and Autofac. It provides an Autofac.Module which sets up the ITracer dependency in order to be injected properly using Autofac IoC framework.
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit with only the Audio library. It provides an easy to use wrapper to get audio data from the microphone.
The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items such as a GzipWebClient and Audio Recorder for XAML based applications. This is the complete version which includes the network, storage wrappers, controls, and audio helper libraries.
Xplat (cross platform) implementation Interval/Range implementation. .NET Standard 1.0 (netstandard1.0)
A collection of useful behaviors, commands and converters which might be essential for MVVM apps.
Mvvm implementation of Storm.Mvvm for Windows 8.1
Yet another Universal app library.
An HttpMessageHandler that lets you use the Windows Runtime IHttpFilter
Simple and light-weight logging framework for Windows Universal Application. It's compatible for Win app and WP8.1 app
The main goal of this project is to supply a portable alternative to System.Text.Encoding that can be used from other PCL libraries. Platforms such as Windows Phone currently do not provide support for text encodings other than a limited subset of the Unicode encodings. This can be a real show-stop...