Top 20 NuGet win81 Packages

A MvvmCross plugin for shownig dialogs from your core (PCL) project
Helper for fetching and caching of data from the web
A MvvmCross plugin to to fetch and cache data from e.g. the web
A MvvmCross logging plugin
TypeConverter is a lightweight, portable class library which allows to convert between objects of different types. This library is shipped with some basic sample converters, however, you are free to write your own type converters and register them in the IConverterRegistry.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Geolocation is a plug-in for geo information handling. It enables cross-platform GPS functionality.
PlatformAdapter helps to adapt between platform-independent and platform-specific assemblies at runtime.
Google Analytics SDK for Windows and Windows Phone with support for Google Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol
The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items for XAML based applications.
Support for running v2 tests on the UI thread
The main goal of this project is to supply a portable alternative to System.Text.Encoding that can be used from other PCL libraries. Platforms such as Windows Phone currently do not provide support for text encodings other than a limited subset of the Unicode encodings. This can be a real show-stop...
An AdRotator control for Windows 8 / Windows Phone to support multiple Ad Providers in your apps / games Supports: * Windows Phone 7 / 8 / 8.1 * Windows 8 / 8.1 * Windows Universal Apps * Unity V4+ (WP8 + Win8) Includes the ability to configure supported ad providers from within the solution or re...
CrossPlatformLibrary.Device is a plug-in for reading platform-independent device information.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Maps is a plug-in for map related concerns. It enables cross-platform map functionality.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Market is a plug-in for accessing platform-independent app market functionality.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Messaging is a plug-in for platform-independent communication (email, telephone, sms).
CrossPlatformLibrary.WebBrowser is a cross-platform abstraction which allows to open browser requests.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Callouts is a cross-platform abstraction for message boxes, toasts, callouts.
Xamarin Audio Manager provides a simple way to play audio files in Xamarin Forms projects. The Supported Xamarin Platforms are: iOS Android UWP Windows 8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 //Sorta, needs some work but how many people use win phone ;)