Top 20 NuGet width Packages

Reads and writes CSV, fixed-length and other flat file formats with a focus on schema definition, configuration and speed. Supports mapping directly between files and classes.
Tha package contains more activities .It make more the excel automation.
Bumps assembly versions according to user provided specifications.
Bulk insert from flat files (csv or fixed length) to sql server table, using datareader to maximize performance and memory usage.
Provides a standard way to read Excel data and fixed width files.
Fixed Width Parser Writer for reading and writing flat data (files) with defined field position in line or file (relative height).
Readers and writers for CSV and fixed-length file formats. Supports both synchronous and asynchronous operation, data annotations, and wicked fast object serialization.
Class library for working with common data formats and files and mapping them to and from C# objects.
Lightweight .NET class for reading and writing fixed-width data files. Includes basic reader and writer class, and also generic classes that automatically map class properties to fixed-width fields. Includes many options to control the library's behavior. Now targets either .NET 5.0 or .NET Standard...
Package for serializing/deserializing fixed width files from/to objects.
a simple C# project for reading and writing fixed-width files with headers and footers.
Fielded Text Implementation (reader, writer, and meta creator/loader/saver). See for more information about Fielded Text.
Textify is a library that converts text to typefaces (fonts) that you can use in every chat app using Unicode and LaTeX technologies. Visit GitHub for instructions on how to use.
.Net Library to read from fixed width or delimiter separated file using strongly typed objects. Example: pipe delimited, csv, etc.
JSizes is a small plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library which adds convenience methods for querying and setting the CSS min-width, min-height, max-width, max-height, border-*-width, margin, and padding properties. Additionally it has one method for determining whether an element is visible.
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
Library for reading and writing CSV and Fixed Width files into a class or struct similar to XmlSerializer.
A Behavior to make the UWP Hub control adjust the width of each HubSection to fill the Hub width. It will also snap in place when swiped. When Windows 10 Mobile came out, the Hub control functionality was quite different than the Windows Phone 8.1 control. There were two main differencies. The HubS...
Reads header information from JPEG’s such as, width & height dimensions (resolution). It only takes details from the jpeg headers. Making it fast, with low memory usage, because it does no image processing. Supports .Net standard 1.0 and above. No unsafe context code. Under MIT licence. Unit teste...