Top 20 NuGet webservices Packages

ServiceStack integration for Amazon Web Services (AWS) including: - PocoDynamo - Declarative, code-first POCO client for DynamoDB with LINQ support - SqsMqServer - MQ Server for invoking ServiceStack Services via Amazon SQS MQ Service - S3VirtualFiles - A read/write Virtual ...
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Aws
ServiceStack Admin UI with AutoQuery Viewer - an instant UI for constructing and browsing your AutoQuery Services.
SuperOffice NetServer Services is SuperOffice's web service client proxies. This is for onsite installations with the same version. This also works with SuperOffice Online.
Provides Machine Learning WebServices management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
ServiceStack integration for Azure Services in Azure and Windows ServiceBus, Azure Blob Storage / Virtual File System, Azure Table Storage / Cache Provider.
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Admin
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Azure
RabbitMQ broker for RestBus
.Net library to simplify access WCF Services.
Deprecated. Use
ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) framework support for RestBus
Easy, Service Oriented, Asynchronous Messaging and Queueing for .NET
ServiceStack framework support for RestBus
ASP.NET Web API 2 framework support for RestBus
(Signed) ServiceStack integration for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Portable Class Library for accessing the ManiaPlanet WebServices and other Information. Check Project Page for how to use.
Common library for RestBus clients.
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.Admin package instead.
.NET library with common methods for quick and performant access to Microsoft Exchange server data using Microsoft Exchange Webservices (EWS)