Top 20 NuGet webgl Packages

Webgl Ext (webgl-ext) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler with TypeScript support powered by Microsoft Roslyn
Alpha version of MonoGame webgl version using Bridge.NET
Collection extensions to Bridge.NET projects, including BitArray, HashSet, Queue and Stack.
Bridge.NET support for the browser's debugging console
Bridge.NET support for the developer tools debugging console
.NET binding for WebGL through WebAssembly. *Please* follow the installation instructions at the Project Site.
Please read the on our repo for more details:
The Coherent UI .NET browser controls are a substitute for the default .NET WebBrowser control. They address the deficiencies of the standard .NET WebBrowser by providing support for the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Coherent UI is powered by the same technology as the Google Chrome bro...
WeXplorer is the visualization part of xBIM toolkit that deals with vizualization of IFC data on web using preprocessed wexBIM file. It uses cutting edge web technologies like WebGL so it is not supposed to work in old browsers but should work very well with Chrome or Mozzilla since 2011, IE11 and o...
ForgeEngine Extension for 3D Tiles (For Cesium) Export.
ForgeWriter is SDK for svf format output.
HoloJS is a JavaScript runtime for AR and VR graphics things. It provides unified rendering for AR (HoloLens), VR (Windows Mixed Reality headsets) and 2D desktop using standard WebGL/WebVR scripts. HoloJs can be embedded in Win32 and UWP apps.
Babylon Toolkit - UWP Xbox Live Plugin -
Canvas Toolkit - UWP Xbox Live Plugin -
ForgeAuthor Extension Gltf provides the ability to convert Forge SVF Model to glTF/glb. Note: Draco compression is only available on x64 machines.
A 2D webGL rendering framework with canvas fallback.