Top 20 NuGet webapp Packages

CloudMonix is a sophisticated Microsoft Azure monitoring and automation product. This is the official public API client to manage CloudMonix objects and data.
Enriches Serilog events with information from Azure App Service runtime.
Simple and rapid critical path smoke testing for web apps. Make it so easy to write a functional smoke test for your web application that there's no excuse not to!
Contains architecture for building CRUD applications dynamically. It supports configuring resource types (People,Services,Events,etc.), fields, custom fields, screens, etc. Simply to say its like Wordpress developed using MVC and also meant for developing complex applications in any sector.
Automatically assigns ASP.NET web applications 'Culture' global settings to the detected culture based on IP address.
Helps host web apps on console based apps with node js syntax
A framework to make life easier when creating Hybrid WebApps with Windows 10
Toolkit that makes working with the HybridWebApp Framework simpler. Targeting Windows 10 apps.
This package provides support for receiving WebHooks from Kudu (Azure Web App Deployment) and Azure Alerts. For information about Kudu WebHooks, see "" and for Azure Alerts, see "
Silly Widgets - a silly little C# framework for AWS Lambda.
Utilities to aid in the development of Silly Widgets.