Top 20 NuGet weave Packages

PSA: Sorry I'm no longer working on this project any more. But Erhan has given it a new home, so if you'd like to contribute and help him revive it, go and check it out at SheepAspect is an AOP framework for .Net platform that is heavily inspired by AspectJ. It statica...
Classes for interacting with Microsoft services, particularly OneNote
Library for interacting with the Weave REST API. Free to use!
ViewModels for interacting with the various Weave News Reader services
Blur provides a fluent and minimalistic way to edit assemblies from the inside, using Mono.Cecil: - Expression / Method printing to MethodBody. - Compile-time mixins. - Custom attributes.
CrmLogger.Fody is a Fody add-in that injects logging for function entry, exit, parameters, and return value for Dynamics CRM Logger solution.
The easy way to modify an assembly from the inside, using Mono.Cecil.
Classes and functionality used across most of Seles Games projects
Cache related classes, including an LRU cache
Library for interacting with the Instapaper API
A RESTful HTTP client that provides automatic content negotation as well as automatic gzip compression/decompression