Top 20 NuGet watcher Packages

This is all the assemblies of the Cuemon .NET Standard family.
The Cuemon.Runtime assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Core family and provides enhancements to the System.Runtime namespace.
This library help you to watch the files simplify than standard lib.
Bud.FilesObservatory is a reactive wrapper for the file system watcher API. It makes an observable that produces file change notifications.
Watcher is a plugin for Elasticsearch that provides alerting and notifications based on changes in your data. This NuGet package extends NEST, allowing you to interface with the Watcher plugin.
Simple, intuitive and logical every-day-usage additions to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and newer. Follows the same namespace structure already found in the .NET Framework.
A file watcher that waits for file change events to finish before raising a change event.
Do you need to know the status of various processes running on your machine? Do you need to display the status of various processes to the user in a console or web application? Do you need to notify users when some critical process is not running? If you answer yes to any of the questions above, the...
CHIMP volume watcher API
CHIMP volume watcher
A simple wrapper around FileSystemWatcher to watch multiple single files across directories.
Allows accessing and watching window titles and states of foreign processes.
This component provides pluggable file watcher functionalities
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